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Modern Source Fiber 4

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The importance of fiber

Fiber! You need more fiber! You’ve probably heard health experts emphatically preaching the need to get more fiber in your diet while demonizing low-fiber diets as bad, bad, bad. According to the Institute of Medicine, men ages 50 and younger should get 38g of dietary fiber per day while women should aim for 25g. But it’s not always easy to get enough fiber, particularly if you are on a calorie/carb-restricted diet.

Fiber, found mainly in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, is important because it provides bulk. This bulk fills you up and helps you be more regular, which is great because constipation sucks. Plus, fiber helps you maintain a healthy weight. Fiber = good. We get it.

4 types of fiber

Trailhead Nutrition’s MODERN SOURCE FIBER 4™ is an advanced fiber supplement made with a unique combination of four different types of fiber along with added digestive enzymes and a 12-strain blend of probiotics. The four sources of fiber included are FiberSmart™, Fibersol® 2, apple fiber powder and psyllium husk powders. This carefully-crafted fusion of fiber types makes this formula very mixable and quite palatable.

  • 10.82G FIBER BLEND

MODERN SOURCE FIBER 4™ is sugar free and contains NO artificial flavors, NO sweeteners and NO artificial colors. Try it today and begin to reap the benefits of a daily, quality fiber supplement.

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